Movie Mind Cover, Trivia Party Game for Teens and Adults, Ages 14+, 2 to 9 Players
Movie Mind Content, Trivia Party Game for Teens and Adults
Movie Mind Trivia Game preview, find references in images
Movie Mind Trivia Game preview, answer 5 question
Movie Mind Trivia Game preview, answer bonus question

Movie Mind | Trivia Party Game for Teens and Adults | Ages 14+ | 2 to 9 Players


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Movie Mind, laughs guaranteed for cinema lovers from every generation!

ILLUSTRATED FILM TRIVIA : Each of the 80 illustrated cards contain 10 hidden movie references. You and your team must dive into the scene, observe all the clues, and try to spot as many movies as possible!

PERFECT FOR FILM BUFFS: Answer 5 trivia questions each round, based on your knowledge of 800 different movies!

FIND REFERENCES IN IMAGES: If you need help answering a question, take a closer look at the card for the round. There are easter eggs hidden in the image!

800 FILMS DEPICTED: Movies from a wide stretch of decades and genres are referenced in the questions and artwork on the 80 illustrated cards.

INCLUDES OVER 1400 QUESTIONS: Play again and again, referencing the most beloved and obscure films in pop culture!

COMPETITIVE OR COOPERATIVE: Depending on how you like to play, have your team gain the most points - or work together to answer as many questions as possible!


A game nominated several times at the Webby Awards!


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